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Consistency is key in whichever training package applies to you and the work you put in further instilling training after each session is vital.
Puppy Training –  Our puppy package is for puppies ages 8 weeks to 5 months old. This package helps creates a solid foundation and begins to teach good manners as well as a strong bond. We can guide you in any help needed crate training and house training. Your puppy will begin to learn basic commands, how to get used to walking properly on lead, good manners, responding to his/her name and how to play fetch. Puppies are extremely impressionable at this stage and safe proper socialization is also an important step in training, while keeping them safe before they are fully vaccinated. Puppy Commands; Kiss/Snuggle(important for therapy dogs), Pottie, Calm, Down, Settle, Fetch, Sit, Down.
Basic Training/On Lead Training – This package starts at or after 5 months old. This is not just a set of commands but teaches you and your dog how to work together, with your dog reliably knowing these commands. Basic training teaches you dog these basic commands while on lead. This package, just like the puppy package and advanced training requires dedication from the owner in instilling the training on the days between training sessions. Basic Commands; Sit, Stay, Down, Free, Easy, Heel, On/Off.
Advanced Training/Off Lead Training – Advanced training includes all commands from basic training. It adds distance and time to all commands, along a few new commands for off lead activities. This package ultimately gives you the full ability to control your dog in almost any situation. Being able to recall your dog using the here command is extremely important. Advanced Training/ Off Lead Commands; Sit, Stay, Down, Free, Easy, Heel, On/Off, Right, Here.
Behavior Modification – Behavior modification is done on a case by case basis but usually begins with  5 session package, meeting at your home and gradually increasing to outdoor meeting areas if your dog is ready and comfortable. 
Therapy and Service WorkTherapy or Service work is priced on a case by case basis.  When it comes to therapy and service work, the needs of each family and the goal of their dog are completely different. After an evaluation, we come up with a training plan catered to what your goals and needs are for your dog.*In the event we are coordinating with shelters and rescues to help find the right fit for you, a finders fee will be charged.  
Evaluation and First Session – This is a 2 hour evaluation that is done for clients searching for behavior medication. As well as evaluating if your dog is ready for therapy or service work. We will evaluate your dog in numerous different scenarios and get a good feel of the dogs overall temperament as well as where they are at with their training.

After each session - You will receive a summary of the progress for that session along with a list of commands and a description of each one to make your at home training as easy as possible. *For clients requiring in home training outside the Plymouth area, there will be a travel charge based on travel location.

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