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My journey in canine training began over twenty years ago, as a Firefighter where I was given the opportunity to be part of  the first Canine Search and Rescue Team our Fire Department in Florida had.  I was fortunate enough to have resources unavailable to the common dog trainer and my course work consisted of learning multiple different  techniques. I have adopted my own style of training from the experts I was able to learn from.. My love of dogs has led me dedicate myself to helping families achieve harmony and help with their animals.


In addition to completing the K9 Instructors Course,  I continue to keep myself updated on Training Certifications and Canine Emergency Courses. I am continually researching new studies and information to enhance the lives of our best friends. Our team works with numerous rescues agencies. We have extensive experience with assisting in behavior modification so that these underprivileged canines can get the second chances they deserve.  


If you have any further questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to call or email us. 

               We specialize in

  • Obedience training

  • Service and therapy dog work

  • Behavior modification

  • Protection training

  • Search and rescue training

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